BDSM Basics

If you are new to BDSM, Headmaster Robert Black has recommended some excellent resources to start you on your journey. The resources have been listed in a specific order of "modules," but in reality, they all address basic principles, so feel free to choose your own path and guide your own learning. In fact, you can skip right to the library and develop your own curriculum.

Some resources are available at no charge, and some are for sale. Robert Black and Endorphin High do not receive any commission. If money is a concern, there are sufficient free resources to provide the information you need.

Module 1: Preparation

Before you begin your BDSM journey, make sure you are ready to make the most of what you learn. These resources, featuring a podcast interview with Dr Steven Davidson, and his book, Sexual Integrity, will help you stay true to yourself. "Redefining Normal," by Brent Heinze LPCC, is also recommended.

Module 2: Basic Principles

In this article, "BDSM 101," you'll learn about basic principles behind BDSM, much of the terminology, and safety considerations. Headmaster Robert Black and Dr Dick cover "BDSM 101" in a 2008 episode of Sexual Heroes.

Module 3: Negotiation / Communication

Initial negotiation and ongoing communication is key to making sure that you have fun engaging in BDSM, but each person has their own idea of what is fun. The video features Mr Kristofer and Pup Amp in an episode of "Watts the Safeword." They talk about negotiation. The podcast is an episode of "Sexual Heroes" that walks listeners through a specific scene, pointing out the importance and methods of communication.

Module 4: Your Role

The Bottoming and Topping books, by Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy, are a great introduction to your role as a submissive or dominant. Basic principles covered in earlier modules are reinforced. Of course, many players are versatile, meaning they can "switch" between roles, and they might enjoy reading both. Each video featuring Mr Kristofer and Pup Amp in "Watts the Safeword," focuses on a particular role.

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