Instructor Certification Course

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Who Should Attend

Enrollment is free and open to any subject matter expert on topics related to sexuality who would like to increase their skill, confidence, and effectiveness as a trainer / educator / presenter.


Fully engage your audience and make it easy for them to acquire and apply the skills and knowledge you share, either virtually, or in person.


This experiential and highly interactive, virtual course is led by Headmaster Robert Black, a professional instructional designer and trainer with a master's in education (learning and technology). It consists of four modules, each with a 60-90 minute, instructor-led class delivered via Zoom. (One class a week for four weeks.) The classes, course materials, assignments, and evaluations are all accessed via Google Classroom. A maximum of 12 participants are asked to apply the skills and knowledge, between classes, to a presentation they will be giving. Students who demonstrate the ability to perform the course objectives will receive an e-certificate, and may display the official Endorphin High School "Certified Instructor" emblem, shown below.

Learning Objectives

Module 1: Content

  1. Plan to evaluate training

  2. Identify learning objectives

  3. Select and organize the content

  4. Meet the needs of adult learners

Module 2: Teaching/Learning Strategy

  1. Present the content

  2. Tap into participants' prior knowledge

  3. Check for understanding

  4. Provide an opportunity to practice; give feedback

Module 3: Support for Learning

  1. Design a visual aid

  2. Create a handout

  3. Leverage technology

  4. Choose a seating arrangement

Module 4: Facilitation & Evaluation

  1. Provide an overview, transition, and summary

  2. Encourage a response to questions

  3. Respond to questions

  4. Evaluate training

Only an Endorphin High Certified Instructor may display this emblem.